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News & Events
Sri Sakal Aishwarya Laksha Aavu Pidakala Maha Yaagam is being conducted from 26-10-2014
State wide Vivaaha Parichaya vedika will be organized by ITC PSPD Braahmana Samaakhya at Sri Sringeri Peetham-Ambaa Satram on June 27th from 8 Am to 5 PM. For more details,call 9848-290-588.
Bhadradri Raamuni Divyaanugraham details and Bookings are now open.
Sri Rama Divyaanugraham Special Drive. You can now send Bhadrachalarama Divyaanugraham to your belongings by paying Rs.250. For more details contact Mr.Gowtham at, +91-98482-90588

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We have started this magazine on the festival day of Sriramanavami in April, 2009 by the hands of the District Collector V. Usharani. The aim is to give world wide publicity to the SRI SITARAMA CHANDRA SWAMY TEMPLE to attract millions of global people.

Our book projects the culture, religious aspects & behavior of human generation as well as daily rituals and future programs.

We are very proud that we are serving the people without selfishness profit in our way.

We are hereby welcoming each and every body to participate & join the hands with us without any difference of caste, culture, rich or poor.

Our God Rama is the 8th Avatar of Lord Vishnu as per our belief & has some respectable values which are notable nowadays. To follow the word, rule, order of father and to maintain life with the only wife as per Manu Dharma Sastram and to keep on the words given & not to deviate in any manner are some of good values of our God.

At present, our life style is disturbed & has number of tensions. To avoid this, we must live peacefully with simplicity and sacrifice.

Three Day's

Details of Subscription
Lifte Time : Rs. 1500/-
( Every year, we will freely give
Akshantalu & prasadam of
Sri Ramanavami & Mukkoti
festivals). For five members of
family, room & meals will be
arranged by us in one day of
the year.

Annual Subscription : Twelve
issues per year with Rs.
150/- and Akhshantalu &
prasadam will be issued of the
festivals Sri Ramanavami and
Mukkoti festivals.

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